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PostSubject: INFO FOR PREMIUM   Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:52 pm

hey everyone, just wanted to tell you a little about the pricing ranges.

modded lobbys will be free, but with limited functionality. you will be set under "standard" with your only option being a prestige toggle.

VIP is even better. for only 3 dollars you can unlock all your pro perks, get loads of codpoints, on top of using the prestige toggler. you can also change your FOV in the lobby and even play in third person mode!

Admin status is crazy. 5 bucks gets you completely everything we have to offer including future updates, the ability to teleport anywhere you want, just by selecting an area on the map, change the xp multiplier (up to 100k times the xp!) and even restart the map. (spamming this feature will get you kicked from the lobby. no refunds.) not to mention the ability to unlock everything, period.

(buying a status in a lobby will also transfer over to zombies lobbies, meaning vips get god mode, all weapons packapunched, just by switching your gun and such, and admins can activate any powerup at any time, change the jump height, teleporting ect. nothing like having a zues cannon you never have to reload, and porter 2x raygun at the same time, and a fully auto m16 with full auto noobtubes! xD)

for payment please send money via paypal to:
along with your forum username.

thanks and have fun hacking!

(p.s. to all ocarina users out there, i havent forgot about you! many codes including the ability to have a KILLCAM are all in the premium section. for 5 dollars you can have all these codes and updates for a month!)
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